Committees and training

Some town and parish councils conduct their business by forming committees of a small group of councillors. Dependent upon their terms of reference, committees are legally able to make decisions – such as to comment on planning applications or to handle financial matters.

In the case of Much Wenlock Town Council, there appear to be committees to handle planning and financial matters. A question has been asked on our Facebook page about their composition, and the suitability of the members to the role. The table below sets out the current composition, although recent resignations may alter this.

Full Council Planning Finance
Childs (resigned 9th February 2018)

Gibbon (resigned 9th February 2018)  




Toft (resigned 19th July 2017)  



Davy (co-opted 26th May 2017)    
Themans (elected 7th September 2017)  

●   Elected to committees  18th May 2017          ○   Elected subsequently

As regards councillors’ strengths, training is available – and desirable – for a number  of roles. The Shropshire Association of Local Councils (SALC) holds frequent training sessions including Fundamentals for Councillors, Be a Better Councillor, Budget Setting, and Chairmanship Skills. Much Wenlock Town Council is a member of SALC – how many of our councillors have received training in order that they can carry out their duties well?