Who are our Town Councillors?

At the Town Meeting on 8th March, the Mayor apparently asked local residents wishing to speak to identify themselves. They all did.

How ironic that the Mayor didn’t identify himself or put names to the other Town Councillors who were present. It seems that all the members of the public knew each other, but didn’t know who the Town Councillors are.

Far more effort could be made to identify our local representatives.

In 2007 there was a contested election for the Town Council, and most residents would have received the candidates’ election leaflets.

In 2013, when there were insufficient candidates standing for election, the Town Council did publish pen portraits of each new Councillor in the Wenlock Herald.

But in 2017? Nothing helpful –  a list of names, photos on the notice board at the Corn Exchange and the same ones on the Town Council website.

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Many will know Cllr Whiteman, Cllr Holyoak and Cllr Harper. But, as for the rest, what’s their background, their links to Much Wenlock and what do they stand for?

At least, when he stood in a by-election, Cllr Venning put out a flyer – almost exactly three years ago. He was defeated in this bid for the Town Council by Mike Grace, a former mayor, who returned to serve until May 2017. Fullscreen capture 16-Mar-019Cllr Venning was elected after standing again in October 2015. So, we know he’s lived in Much Wenlock for five years and has been a Town Councillor for around thirty months. And he’s already been mayor for nine of those months – in the business world that would be described as fast-track promotion! But a “New View”? You decide.

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