Become a Town Councillor and make a difference!

There are two vacancies on Much Wenlock Town Council, and the election will be held on Thursday 10th May 2018. Further details can be obtained from the Town Clerk at the Corn Exchange, tel 01952 727509, email or Electoral Services at Shirehall, tel 0345 678 9015, email Your nomination paper must be delivered in person to Shirehall before 4pm on Thursday 12th April.


  • Why have these vacancies arisen?
    • Two councillors have resigned – Trevor Childs and David Gibbon.
  • Why is an election being held? Can’t the Town Council invite people to become councillors?
    • Ten local electors have called for an election for each vacancy. If they hadn’t, the Town Council could have co-opted two new councillors.
  • Why should I stand?
    • You’re obviously curious, because you’re reading this! An enquiring mind is helpful.
    • You can become a voice for your community and effect real change. Councillors are community leaders and, using your skills and experience, represent the aspirations of the public they serve.
    • If you are part of under-represented Much Wenlock (e.g. female, young, or living in Homer, Bourton, or elsewhere outside the town) you’d bring a fresh perspective to the Town Council’s debates.
  • What’s involved?
    • At the very least, one evening meeting per month. If you’d like to see how they’re run, the next one is on Thursday 5th April and there are more details on the Town Council website.
    • Just as important as meetings is thinking about what will benefit the town – and that means listening to local residents.
  • How much time will it take?
    • Some councillors say that their duties occupy them for about three hours per week. Some will spend more time, some less. Generally it should be an enjoyable way of contributing to local life.
  • I’ve got a young family – how will I cope?
    • If you need a baby-sitter in order to attend council meetings, the Town Council has the power to pay you an allowance to cover the cost.
  • I’m concentrating on my career right now/I’m looking for a job.
    • Being a councillor is a great plus point to add to your CV – it shows you can make decisions, work as a team, are community minded and proactive.  Prospective employers will be impressed.
  • If there are other candidates, will I have to mount an election campaign?
    • Yes, you’d be wise to, so that folk know something about you and what you stand for. Take a little time to write down the points that you believe will make you a  good community representative, including your skills and experience.
    • You could then print off a flyer and get some friends to help you deliver it door to door. You could create a Facebook page to carry the same information. Make sure everything carries a clear portrait photo of you so that people who don’t know your name will recognise you.
    • Most importantly, talk to people about what you’re doing. If you display enthusiasm and energy you’ll get their backing and they’ll start talking about you – for all the right reasons!
  • Where I can I find out more?

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