Over recent months, Much Wenlock Town Council has put some considerable effort into trying to suppress or silence the opinions expressed on this website. And, indeed, by some local residents. This is a shame, given that our ambition was to shine some light on the Town Council’s deliberations for the benefit of local residents.

We have seen the Town Council state that material on its website may not be copied, reproduced, republished, downloaded, posted, broadcast or transmitted in any way. We have seen it withdraw supporting documents for meeting agendas from its website. If one is interested in what the Town Council is up to, apparently one now has to guess which agenda items have supporting documents and request that they be issued by the Town Council.


On the other hand, when it became apparent that a contested by-election was going to take place on 10th May despite the Town Council’s reluctance to publicise the two vacancies, there were some signs of bowing to the inevitable. The Town Council even went so far as to display the candidates’ names on the notice boards in Bourton and Homer, once nominations had closed. Of course, advertising the vacancies on those same notice boards might have yielded candidates from these outlying settlements. It was not to be, and we have two new young Town Councillors who live in Much Wenlock.

We wish them well. We hope that their fresh eyes and enquiring minds might result in more inclusive and transparent decision-making than has been seen in recent times. In order to give them, and those other Town Councillors who are open to change, space to make progress, it may be useful to have a short break.

Without the Town Council’s excuse of preoccupation with stopping up loopholes, changing unenforceable policies and seeking professional advice, maybe we will see progress. So, for the time being, we will pause in publishing the many instances of incorrect procedure, perverse decisions and unnecessary secrecy made by the Town Council. But, if positive change isn’t evident soon we shall have no hesitation in reviewing our stance.


This website has no connection with Much Wenlock Town Council or its councillors.