We’re comfortable about remaining anonymous in publishing this website, and in using Facebook. We’ve taken the decision to remain so for the following reasons.

Everything we publish is factual and evidence-based. If anything we say is challenged and is found to be inaccurate, we’ll happily correct it or withdraw it immediately, and provide an apology. We’re entitled to our own opinions.

The extent to which Much Wenlock Town Council has proved itself prepared to engage lawyers in order to deal with issues that it finds uncomfortable serves no-one well. Town Councillors, employees, and members of the public have been recipients of solicitors’ letters. This is a monumental waste of the Town Council’s time and a waste of Council Tax-payers’ money. In one case, a barrister was allegedly engaged to communicate a statement to a member of the public by post that could have been hand-delivered from the Corn Exchange in five minutes. (See Complaints, complaints, complaints)

If the past twelve months or so has proved nothing else, it is the inevitability that identifying the researchers and writers to this website and its Facebook page will result in solicitors being instructed. That will be at a cost to the public purse – and we are strident advocates of your money being spent to provide public services, not to protect the Town Council from uncomfortable truths.

Identifying ourselves may lead to inaccurate assumptions as to our motives – whereas this website sets out to highlight issues and themes, in a hope that you’ll become more engaged in local affairs and help to ensure that our money is spent wisely. (See About)

Very shortly, a by-election date will be announced to fill two vacancies on the Town Council. At this point, we will be providing encouragement to local folk to stand for election, and ideally those from under-represented parts of our Much Wenlock society. We don’t want more of the same, we want a breath (or two breaths) of fresh air. We don’t want any candidate to be burdened with association with “troublemakers”. Our anonymity will ensure that.

Finally, this research, these words and these images have been assembled with private resources using personal time. Anonymity has a glorious history.