Councillors’ meeting attendance

Councillors’ attendance at Town Council meetings is not an invitation. It is a summons by the Clerk and full attendance is a reasonable expectation.

The Good Councillor’s Guide says “As a councillor you have a responsibility to…..attend meetings when summoned to do so; the notice to attend a council meeting is, in law, a summons, because you have a duty to attend.” It goes on to say “What if you cannot attend? Remember, you have a duty to attend but sometimes things crop up and you
are unable to make it. You must contact the clerk with an apology and explanation…..illness or work commitments are acceptable reasons.”

The charts shown below are drawn from the minutes on Much Wenlock Town Council’s website from May 2017 until the March 2018 meeting. Neither Cllr Davy, Cllr Themans, nor former Cllrs Childs, Gibbon or Toft have been in place throughout that period so they couldn’t attend all the meetings. Otherwise, draw your own conclusions.

Fullscreen capture 27-Mar-18 115248 PM

Fullscreen capture 27-Mar-18 115403 PM

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